GellyBall Tag

GellyBall Tag

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GellyBall Tag

Posted Price $475 includes delivery, set up & with S&K staffing event for a period up to 2 hour in length. 16 Players Total with Eight Red GellyBall Blasters/Helmets & Eight Blue GellyBall Blasters/Helmets. (8 on 8) If you require additonal GellyBall Blasters cost is $25 additional per player.You can make your option selection after adding this item to your shopping cart. Optional Pricing below:

2 Hours: $475 & Each Additional Half Hour Add $100

Deliveries outside 10 miles from Corvallis add $4.50 per mile for out of town deliveries. Example 20 miles away - Fee 10 miles x $4.50 = $45 delivery fee.

What Is GellyBall Tag? Gellyball is a new revolution in the world of shooting games that is very similar to Airsoft or Paintball but much more low impact. The soft, water-based gellyballs bounce off of their target leaving no stain, mess or sting. Unlike Nerf where it takes time to reload often, gellyball blasters hold around 700 shots without reloading! They're easy to shoot, we can set up virtually anywhere, and they can provide hrs of fun! Recommended for ages 7+We Will Set Up In Your Backyard! Have a party or celebration at your home? We will come to you! with our water-based ammo it leaves no stain whats so ever. Combined with our biodegradable materials, we can set up virtually anywhere! No matter how big or small your location is, we have multiple layouts and game modes that we are able to adjust to any of your likings.  

8 Different Game Modes

#1 -Free for All: Objective: Be the last person standing without being shot. Each person starts on a random part of the field. If you get shot anywhere on your body or mask - call yourself out and stand behind the ref till the game is over.
#2 Capture The Flag: Objective: Get the flag in the center of the field and return it to your side. Each team starts on their side. A flag is placed in the center of the field. Each team tries to get the flag and return it to their team’s side. If you get shot, drop the flag (you’re out). Play until one team wins, then switch sides.
#3 Search Party: Objective: Find an item the opposite team is hiding the fastest without all getting shot. This will be a timed event. Each team will take turns searching for a lost item, while the opposite team hides and defends the item. Whoever has the best time or has the most survivors left at the end of play wins.
#4 Resurrection: Objective: Play until the last person is standing with ammo left. Each team starts on their side. If you get shot, call yourself out walk (with your gun up) to your starting point, touch it, and restart! Keep doing that until everyone is out of ammo
except one person left.

#5 Four Corners: Objective: Eliminate all other teams 4 teams starting in each corner of the field and play elimination until only one team is left.
#6 Top Gun: Objective: 1 vs. 1 quick game One on one play each other/ winners play winners, till only one winner left.
#7 Protect The President: Objective: Protect your designated player from getting shot and eliminate the other team. Each team starts on their side and has a designated ‘President.’ Whichever team can shoot the other team’s President first, wins.
#8 Last Team Standing: Objective: Be the last team standing Each team starts on their side. If you get shot anywhere on your body or mask - call yourself out and stand behind the ref till the game is over.

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